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Product Description[edit | edit source]

Hes been dubbed the Godfather of natural history : a much-loved giant of British broadcasting who s renowned not only for his personal warmth, expertise, enthusiasm and distinctive whispered commentary but also for opening our eyes to the astonishing richness of life on Earth and the threats to its future.

This superb selection of 8 documentaries from the BBC s landmark Natural World strand celebrates the unparalleled career of wildlife supremo Sir David Attenborough who, since the 1950s, has devoted much of his life to exploring the wonders of the natural world and bringing them into our lives via the TV screen. Famed for their stunning photography and filmed in some of the most extraordinary places on Earth, these documentaries explore multiple aspects of wildlife and its habitats from fabulous frogs and cheeky meerkats to baboons, wolves and birds of paradise. They also take a look at Attenborough s own personal selection of the animals he d most like to save from extinction.

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